Oil & Gas Portfolio Focus

Houston, Texas based generational Single Family Office (SFO), Petro Lucrum, Inc.  invests across the assets classes but is anchored in energy as well as interests in real estate, manufacturing, fintech, franchises and entertainment throughout onshore USA.

Petro Lucrum, Inc. with its Single Family Office Club, through Petro Lucrum Capital, Inc. are actively targeting acquisitions, co-investment, joint venture, recapitalizations and related structures, focused on investments, acquisitions and divestitures using private and public equity.

USA Shale Map Petro Lucrum

Petro Lucrum Inc, and Petro Lucrum Capital, Inc. are not now or ever in any way affiliated with the following companies, Lucrum Capital Pte, Lucrum Capital Advisors Private, Petro Lucre LLC or Inc, Lucrum Capital Corp, Petro Capital, and PL Capital.

"Do not be afraid to give up the good to go for the great," John. D Rockefeller