Petro Lucrum Is Pleased To Announce Participation In The 4th Annual Permian Midstream Congress 2015

Houston, Texas – July 21, 2015 – Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. is pleased to announce participation in the 4th Annual Permian Midstream Congress on July 29-30, 2015.

Join Petro Lucrum & these executives:

  • Darrel Hagerman, VP Crestwood Midstream Partners
  • Eric Peterson, Co-Founder ARB Midstream
  • Pat McGannon, VP Rangeland Energy
  • Chris Guith, SVP US Chamber Of Commerce
  • Jason Brown, VP Rock River Resources
  • Al Troner, Associate Baker Institute
  • Carlton Dole, Director Green Lake Fuels
  • Other COOs, VP’s, Directors, Managers, Team Leads & Chiefs

About 4th Annual Permian Midstream Congress:

As we move into the second half 2015 we approach an unprecedented juncture of new opportunity for the U.S. oil & gas industry. With WTI and Brentapproaching and surpassing $60 and forecasts indicating prices will continue to rise, confidence is returning that the nadir has passed. The emphasis is now on how to react most effectively and optimize this second wave of growth.

However, new production on the horizon also raises new challenges, with pipelines and refineries struggling to cope with the surge in high gravity crudes and condensates being produced across the basin.

E&Ps are keen to hear play specific pipeline, storage, rail and trucking solutions to ensure takeaway capacity meets supply and reaches the optimal markets to maximize netbacks. Meanwhile, midstream providers need to quantify production forecasts on a play-by-play basis to assess the business case for further build out.

The industry leading Permian Midstream Congress 2015 brings together a diverse variety of E&Ps and midstream companies across the Basin to compare production forecasts play-by-play with the roll out of pipelines for high gravity crude, condensate, gas and NGL.

Presentations will also assess markets and destinations, such as the retrofitting of refineries in the gulf coast to cater for sweet light crude and industry leading insights will identify current and future bottlenecks including pipeline specifications, market saturation and condensate blending limitations.

As the 4th event in the successful series, this is the only congress to focus purely on the Permian midstream, analyzing production play-by-play and takeaway commodity-by-commodity. This is the annual event trusted and attended by every major E&P and midstream company looking to stay in the loop with the ever changing infrastructure and markets attributed to the Permian Basin.

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Location: Houston, Texas
Sponsor: London Business Conference Group

About Petro Lucrum, Inc.

Petro Lucrum is a generational Upstream Oil & Gas Single Family Office focused on E & P and Oilfield Services onshore USA. We are integrated through direct sector investments, mergers and acquisitions. We are headquartered in the energy capital of the World, Houston, Texas.

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