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Petro Lucrum Announces Chairman Of Single Family Office Oil & Gas Forum In London, England
Petro Lucrum Announces Speaking At Emerging Managers Summit South In Austin, Texas
Petro Lucrum Invited To Steptoe & Johnson Energy Leadership Summit - Midcontinent and Rockies
Petro Lucrum Announces The Fourth Annual Hydraulic Fracturing Symposium With Vinson & Elkins LLP
Petro Lucrum Announces Participation At The Oil Council North America Assembly With Mark Papa Former CEO EOG Resources

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Bloomberg Corporations Symposium 2014
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Boost Our Economy
Boosting Lending To Businesses
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Canadian economy
Canadian Natural
Canadian Natural Resources
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Canadian Oil Company
Canadian Oil Sands
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Canadian Petroleum
Canadian Petroleum of Petroleum Producers
Canadian Producers
Canadian refineries
Cape Verda
Capital Income
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Catoosa, Oklahoma
ceased fracturing
Center for Global Energy Studies
Central Banks
Central Eureka Lake
Central Texas
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Changes in Crude Prices
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Chesapeake Energy Corp
Chesapeake Energy Corp.
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Chevron: Oil & Gas
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Chinese Exports
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Civil War
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Clean Water Act
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Closed-Loop Drilling
closed-loop systems
CNBC Weekly Survey
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Coal-Fired Power Plants
Coast Guard
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Collapse Of Drilling
Collective Pension Funds
Colonel Edwin Drake
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Commercial Gas Production
Commercial Hedgers
Commercial Production
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Completed Wells
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Congress On Oil
Congressional Panel
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Consensus Gas Forcast
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Continuous Resources
Contrarian View
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Conventional Petroleum
conventional petroleum petroleum
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Corpus Christi
cost of electricity
cost of electricity and fuel
cost of fuel
cost-benefit analyses
Country Dependence
Country Energy Risk
Country's Natural Gas
create energy jobs
Cretaceous San Miguel
CRS Estimates
crude crashed
Crude Decline
crude declined
Crude Delivery
Crude Differentials
Crude Dropped
Crude Fell
Crude Futures
Crude Futures Contract
crude industry
Crude Inventories
crude investors
Crude Lower
Crude Market
Crude Oil
Crude Oil Future Contract
Crude Oil Futures
crude oil imports
crude oil industry
crude oil investors
Crude Oil Less Attractive
Crude Oil Pipeline
crude oil prices
crude oil production
Crude Oil Rebound
Crude Oil Roots
Crude Oil Spot Prices
Crude oil stocks
Crude Oil Taxes
Crude Oil Value
Crude Pipeline
Crude Price Support
crude prices
Crude Prices Dropping
Crude Producers
Crude Production
Crude Rebound
Crude Refined
Crude Supplies
Crude-oil futures
Cuadrilla Resources, Ltd
Cubic Feet
Cubic Feet of Gas
cubic feet of natural gas
Cumberland Advisors
Cumulative Production
Current Drilling
Current Production
Current Production Rates
Cusing, Oklahoma
Cutting The Deficit
Daily Exports
Daily Oil Exports
Dallas Family Office Trends
Data Collection
Data Report
debt ceiling
debt crisis
Debt Deadline
December contract
decline in oil prices
Declines In Production
Declining Demand
Declining Oil Prices
Decrease In Production
Decreasing Gas Production
Deepwater Drilling
deepwater energy
deepwater exploration
Deepwater Horizon
Deepwater Horizon spill
deepwater oil
deepwater oil and gas
deepwater operations
Deficit Reduction
Del Bonita
Delaware City
Delaware Refinery
Delivered By Pipeline
Delivering Gas
Delivering Oil and Gas
Delivery Point
Demand For Electricity
Demand For Energy
Demand for Heating
Demand for oil
demand for oil & gas
Demand For Oil And Gas
demand for oil rigs
Demand For Rigs
Demand For US Oil
demand growth
Demand Growth Estimates
Democratic Leaders
Department of Energy
Department of Energy and Climate Change
Department of Environmental Conservation
Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis
dependence on energy
dependence on foreign energy
designated oil
designated oil drilling
designated oil drilling sites
Develop Resources
Developing Countries
Development Of Resources
Diesel Engines
Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics
diminished oil
diminished oil demand
Diminishing Oil
Diminishing Oil Demand
Directional Drilling
Directional Drilling Activity
Discount Crude
Discount Price
Discount Range
Distallate Stocks
Distillate Fuel
Distillate Fuel Consumption
Distillate Fuel Prices
Distillate Fuel Production
Distillate Stocks
Distinguished Leaders Series
DNR Office of Conservation
DOE Fracking Committee
Dollar Index
Dollar Strength
Domestic Crude
domestic energy
domestic energy resources
Domestic Energy Supplies
Domestic Gas
Domestic Gas Supply
domestic natural gas
Domestic Natural Gas Supply
domestic oil
domestic oil and gas
Domestic Oil Prices
domestic oil production
domestic resources
Dominant Fossil Fuels
Dow Jones
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Downgrading Oil
downstream infrastructure
Drake's Folly
Drill and Complete
Drill Prospects
Drill Rig Markets
Drilling & Production
drilling activity
Drilling and Completion
drilling and production
drilling and production levels
Drilling Costs
Drilling Counties
Drilling Fees
Drilling For Energy
Drilling For Gas
Drilling For Natural Gas
Drilling For Oil
Drilling Forecast
Drilling Gas Wells
drilling in North America
drilling in the region
Drilling Location
drilling locations
Drilling Oil
drilling permits
drilling practices
drilling projects
Drilling Proposal
drilling region
drilling rig
Drilling Rig Markets
drilling rigs
Drilling Tax
Drilling Tax Ticker
drilling technologies
drilling technologies and practices
drilling wells
Dry Gas
Dry Gas Play
Dunn County Oil
E & P
Eagle Ford
Eagle Ford Development
Eagle Ford exploration
Eagle Ford Gas Shale
Eagle Ford Plays
Eagle Ford Region
Eagle Ford Shale
Eagle Ford Workers
Eagleford Energy
Eagleford Gas
Eagleford Shale
Early Shale Development
Easing Oil Prices
East Coast
Economic Activity
Economic Benefit
Economic Benefits
Economic Conditions
Economic Growth
Economic Impacts
Economic Indicators
economic oil demand
Economic Recovery
Economic Risks
Economic Uncertainty
Economy Expectations
EFD Systems
Effects of Gas
EIA & Oil
EIA And Oil
EIA data
EIA Expectations
EIA Figures
EIA Forcast
Electric Power Consumption
electric utilities
Electronic Trading
Elmore City
Emergency Barrels
Emergency Oil
Emergency Oil Supplies
Emerging Shale Oil
Emerging Shale Plays USA 2014
Emission Standards
emissions reductions
Emissions-Reducing Impact
Empire Abo Unit
Employment Trends In Texas
Energizing American Jobs
Energizing American Jobs and Security
energy analyst
Energy Analysts
Energy and Environment
Energy Assets
Energy Boom
energy business development
Energy Commodity
energy companies
energy company infrastructure
Energy Company Refining Margins
Energy Content
Energy Contribution
Energy Contributions
Energy Credit Outlook
Energy Deals
Energy Deficit
Energy Demand
Energy Department's Energy Information Administration
Energy Details
Energy Discoveries
Energy Downside Risk
Energy Economist
Energy Economy
Energy efficiency
energy facilities
energy field exploration
Energy Focus
Energy Future Forecast
Energy Futures
Energy Gap
Energy Gloom
Energy Independent
Energy Industry
Energy Industry Focus
Energy Industry Growth
Energy Industry Support
Energy Information
Energy Information Administration
Energy Information Center
energy infrastructure
energy inventories
Energy Investment Funds
Energy Issue
energy job market
energy jobs
Energy Leadership Summit 2014
Energy M & A
energy management
energy market
energy market watch
energy marketplace
energy mind set
energy news
energy operations
Energy Operator
energy operators
Energy Plan
Energy Plans
Energy Plays
energy policy
energy policy protection
Energy Policy Research Foundation
Energy Policy Research Foundation Inc.
Energy Price Balance
Energy Price Bottom
energy prices
Energy Production
Energy Prospects
energy protection
Energy Regulation
Energy Regulations
energy regulators
Energy Report
Energy Reserves
Energy Resources
Energy Rigs
Energy Sector
Energy Security
Energy Security Benefits
Energy Security Risk Index
Energy Stocks
Energy Study
Energy Supplies
Energy Surplus
Energy Symposium Series
energy tax breaks
energy taxes
Energy Teleconference
Energy Third Party
Energy Traders
Energy Trading
Energy Tribune
Energy Uncertainty
Energy Use
Energy Value
Energy-Focused Professors
Energy-producing States
EnerVest, Ltd.
engineering data
Environment Protections
Environmental Assessment
environmental bureaucrats
Environmental Concerns
Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Regulation
Environmental Regulations
Environmentally Friendly Drilling
Environmentally Friendly Drilling Program
EPA Lawsuit
EPA Rules
EPA Ruling
equity markets
Ernst & Young
Estimated Resources
estimated total investments
EU Sanctions
euro to fall
Euro-Debt Crisis
European Central Bank]
European debt crisis
European Officials
European Oil Indexes
Europe's Debt Crisis
Eurozone Oil
Euro-zone Oil
Evacuated Employees
evidence of oil
existence of natural gas
existence of oil
existence of oil & natural gas
Existing Fields
Existing Production
expand drilling
expansion drilling
Expansion Of Drilling
Expected Increase
exploration & production
exploration and production
Exploration Opportunities
Exploration Rights
exploration technologies
Exploratory Landscape
exploring opportunities
Extraction Taxes
Exxon Mobil
ExxonMobil Oil Corp
Failure Rates
Family Office Council
Family Office Events
Family Office Super Summit
Family Offices
Fayetteville Shale
Federal Agency
federal deficit
Federal Energy Agencies
federal government
Federal Government Policymakers
Federal Government Rules
Federal Reserve
Federal Reserve Bank
Federal Securities Laws
Federal Trade Commission
federal water exploration
Field Development
fields for exploration
Final Consumption Of Oil
Financial Crisis
Financial Developments
Financial Market
financial markets
Financial Reforms
Financing Environment
FINRA Regulation
fiscal oil terms
Fiscal Terms
Fitch Ratings
Fixed Income
flat energy prices
flat gas prices
flat oil prices
Flat Prices
Flattening Effect
Flexible Air Permits
Floater Utilization
Fluctuating Natural Gas
fluctuating oil prices
Fluctuating Rates
Forcast For Oil
Force Oil Prices
Forecast Problems
Foregn Currency
Foreign Currencies
Foreign Energy
Foreign Energy Buyers
Foreign Energy Investments
Foreign Energy Policy
Foreign Oil
Foreign Oil Policy
Foreseeable Future
Formation Studies
Fossil Fuels
Fourth Quarter Sales
Fracing Crew
fracking battle
fracking chemicals
Fracking Damage
fracking in gas
fracking in oil
fracking operations
Fracking Ops
fracking technology
fracking wells
fracturing and earthquakes
fracturing battle
fracturing chemicals
Fracturing Crews
fracturing efforts
fracturing fluid
fracturing practice
fracturing processes
fracturing wells
Fraud Prevention
Front Month Gas
Front Months Crude Contract
Front-Month Brent
Front-Month Brent Crude
Front-Month Crude
front-month gas
Front-Month Oil
Ft. Worth Basin
Ft. Worth Basin's Barnett
Fuel Demand
Fuel Exports
Fuel Imports
Fuel Products
fuel substitution
fugitive gas reduction
Funding Oil Projects
future leasing
Future Of Oil
Future Oil Drilling
Futures Price
G-20 finance ministers
gallon of gas
gallon of gasoline
Gallon Of Regular
Gardere Energy Team
Garyville Petroleum Plant
Garyville Refinery
Garyville, Louisiana
Gas Analysts
Gas Assets
Gas Bulls
gas companies
Gas Consumption
Gas Deals
gas delivery
Gas Development
Gas Drill
Gas Drillers
gas drilling
Gas Drilling Videos
gas emissions
Gas Estimates
gas exploration
Gas Extraction
gas facilities
Gas For Electricity
Gas Growth Rates
Gas Imported
Gas Imports
Gas Industry
gas industry practices
Gas Investment Return
Gas Liquid
gas liquids
Gas Operations
gas operators
Gas Pay Zones
Gas Permit
Gas Petroleum
gas pipelines
gas piplines
Gas Plan
Gas Plant
Gas Plays
Gas Plus Liquids
gas prcies
gas prices
gas production
Gas Production Growth
Gas Productivity
Gas Pump
Gas Regulation
Gas Remains Low
gas research
gas reservoir
gas reservoir rock
Gas Resources
Gas Rig Count
Gas Rig Count Decline
Gas Sales
gas shale
Gas Shale Basin
gas shale operations
gas shale plays
gas source
Gas Stockpiles
Gas Stocks
Gas Supplies
Gas Supply
Gas Supply Forcast
gas wells
Gas-Exporting State
gasoline blendstock
Gasoline Crack
Gasoline Demand
Gasoline Drop
gasoline futures
Gasoline Inventories
Gasoline Percent
Gasoline Percentage
Gasoline Prices
Gasoline Production
Gasoline Report
Gasoline Retail Price
Gasoline Retail Prices
gasoline stations
gasoline stations sales
Gasoline Stockpiles
Gasoline Stocks
Gasoline Supplies
General Petroleum Corp
Geological and Economic Survey
Geological Database
Geological Models
Geological Survey
geological surveys
Geomechanical Study of Bowland Shale Seismicity
Geopolitical Risks
GHG emission
GHG emission reduction
GHG emissions
GHG-reducing technologies
Global Demand
Global Economic Growth
global economy
Global Energy
Global Energy Demand
Global Financial Meltdown
Global Insight
global oil
Global Oil and Gas
global oil demand
global oil group
Global Oil Recovery
Global Oil Supplies
Global Rankings
Global Supplies
Going Public Transactions
Golden Age
Goldman Roll
Goods And Services
Gov. Rick Perry
Government Money
Government Officials
Government Pension Fund Global
Greek debt
Green Canyon
greenhouse gas
greenhouse gas emissions
Gross Domestic Product
Gross Gas Production
Gross UK Gas Production
Ground Water
Ground Water Protection Council
growing demand for heating
Growing Natural Gas Supply
Growing Production
gulf based drilling
Gulf Coast
Gulf Coast Incident Management Team
Gulf Coast Market
Gulf Coast Oil
Gulf Drilling
Gulf Economic Survival Team
Gulf Energy
Gulf exploration
Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Mexico Oil
Gulf Oil
Gulf Oil Production
Gulf Oil Rigs
Gulf Oil Spill
Gulf Rigs
Halon Alternatives Research Corp.
Haynesville Shale
Health Services
Heating Oil
Heavy Crude
Heavy Crude Output
Heavy Crude Prices
Heavy Crude Refining
Heavy Oil
Heightened Energy Threats
Henry Hub, Lousiana
Hess Energy Trading Co. LLC
High Crude Price
High Demand Season
High October Crude
High October Oil Price
High Oil Prices
High Sulfur Oil
Higher Oil & Gas Returns
Higher Oil Prices
Higher-Margin Oil
Highest Producing States
High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing
Highway pipelines
historical data
Historical Oil Prices
historical production
historical production reports
historical trend
History Of Energy Crisis
Holiday Oil Prices
Holiday Price Return
Homeland Security
Horizontal Drilling
Horizontal Drilling Gas Wells
Horizontal Gas Wells Drillng Methods
Horizontal Well Intervention, Re-Stimulation & Remedial Workover Optimization Forum
hostile foreign oil
Hot Gas Shale Plays
House Bill
House Natural Resources Committee
Houston Business Journal
Houston Happy Hour
Houston Oil
Houston Vistage Executie Summit
Houston, Texas
Houston, TX
How To Go Public Through Reverse Merger
How To Raise Funds For Your Company
HSBC Corp.
Hurricane Response Team
hydraulic fracturing
hydraulic fracturing activity
hydraulic fracturing field
Hydraulic Fracturing Oil Well
hydraulic fracturing process
hydraulic fracturing study
hydrocarbon areas
IB Times
ICE Futures
ICE Futures Europe
ICE Futures Exchange
Idled Petroleum Refinery
IEA Announcement
IEA Forcasts
IHS Global Insight
IHS Study
Imported Gas
Imported Oil
imports of crude
Improving Liquidity
Incisive Media
inclusion of shale gas
Increase The Supply
Increased Drilling
Increased Economic Activity
Increased Energy Risk
Increasing Oil Activity
Increasing Oil Production
Increasing Production
Independent Analysts
Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York
Independent Oil Analyst
Index Of State Energy Activity
Industrial Market
Industry Market Vitality
Industry Operations
Industry Regulations
Industry Standards
Industry Work
In-Field Drilling
Infrastructure Projects
Infrastructure Quality
Initial Public Offering Alternatives
Injenction Treatment
Inland Waters
Institute for Supply Management
Interior Marcellus Assessment Unit
Internation Energy Production
International Aid Package
International Energy
International Energy Agency
International Lenders
International Monetary Fund
international oil
International Oil Prices
International Oil Production
international oil varieties
international oil variety
International Varieties
Internet Based Private Placements
Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission
Intraday Gas
Intraday Gas Price High
Intraday Gasoline Price
intraday range
intraday range for gasoline
Investment Funds
Investment Strategies
Investor Negotiation
investor optimism
Iran Conflict Could Drive Oil Prices Up
Irene affects energy
Islamic Republic Sanctions
Italy Prices
IvyPlus Family Office Network
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
J.P. Morgan Ventures Energy Corp.
jackup drilling
jackup drilling rig
jackup drilling rig markets
Job Creation
Job Creation From Oil
John Hoffmeister
July 4th Weekend
July Oil
Ken Kennedy Institute
Kern County Energy Production
Key Fields
Keyston XL Pipeline
Keystone Pipeline
Keystone XL
Keystone XL pipeline
Kuwait Targets 4 Million Barrels Of Oil Daily By 2020
La. Commissioner of Conservation ]
La. Fracking Ops
Labor Availability
labor costs
Labor Department
Labor Regulations
Lack Of Investments
Lamp Technologies, Inc,
Land Camp
Land Claims
Land Operations
Large USA Oil Production
Largest Gas Shale
Largest Gas Shale Formation
Largest Oil Demand
Largest Oil Producers
Larry Goldstein
Last Energy Boom
Last New Refinery
Latest Shale Study
Leading Investment Bank
Leaner Gas
Legal Minefield
Legal System
Legislative Inaction
Level Of Confidence
Level Of Supply
Libya Collective Action
Libyan Crisis
Libyan Oil
Libyan Oil Production
Libyan Production
Lifting The Debt
Light Oil
light sweet crude
light sweet crude declined
light sweet crude oil
light sweet oil
Light, sweet crude
Light, Sweet Crude Futures
Light, sweet crude oil
Light, Sweet Futures
light, sweet oil
Lighter Crude
Likely Voters
Liquefied Natural Gas
Liquid Fuel Demand
Liquid Fuel Prices
liquid fuels
Liquid Gas
Liquid Natual Gas
Liquid Production
liquid rich fuel
Liquid Rich Gas
Liquids In Demand
Local Gas Consumption
local geology limits
Lone Star State
Long Oil Production
Long Term Investments
Long-Distance Pipeline
Long-Term Solution
Los Angeles
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
Louisiana Fracking Ops
Louisiana oil and gas
Louisiana oil and gas regulations
Louisiana Oil Wells
Louisiana Shale
Louisiana Sweet Premiums
Louisiana's existing regulations
Low Natural Gas Prices
Low Oil Market
Low Oil Prices
Low Quality Oil
Low Rates
Low Risk Oil Investment
Lower 48
Lower Production
Lowest Oil Price
M&A Practice
M&A Value
macondo well
Major Oil
Major Oil Export
Major Oil Export-Import
Major Producers
major shale gas discovery
Manitoba Oil Wells
Marathon Oil Corp
Marathon Oil Corp.
Marathon Petroleum Company
Marathon Refining
Marcellus Assessment
Marcellus Assessment Unit
Marcellus Economic Activity
Marcellus energy
Marcellus energy recovery
Marcellus gas
Marcellus gas liquids
Marcellus geological surveys
Marcellus holds
Marcellus Horizontial Drilling Video
Marcellus Reports
Marcellus Shale
Marcellus Shale Areas
Marcellus Shale Assessment
Marcellus Shale Coalition
Marcellus Shale Estimate
Marcellus Shale Formation
Marcellus Shale Impact
Marcellus shale region
Margin Of Error
Marine Sites
Market Divisions
market maker
Market Oil
Market Rebound
Market Surge
Market Timing
Market Traders
Market Watch
Matthews Lease
mature oil
mature oil province
Maverick Basin
May Networking Luncheon
MBPD in capacity
mbpd of oil
MC252 Unified Command
Measuring Energy Risk
Mergers and Acquisitions
Merrill Lynch
Methane Hydrates
Metro Industry Market Evaluator
Metro Markets
MGL Consulting
Midday Commodity Trading
Middle Devonian
Middle Devonian Marcellus shale
Middle East
Middle East Oil
Middle East Situation
Milagro Oil & Gas
Milion Barrels
Million Barrels
Million Barrels Of Oil
Million barrels per day
million bbl
Million-Barrel Draw
Millions Of Barrels
Mineral-rich State
Minimum Stocks
Mission Canyon Program
Modeling Gas Supply Growth
Modest Energy Losses
Mondays Gas
Mondays Gasoline
Money Managers
Monthly Average Oil
Monthly Average Oil Prices
Monthly Oil Report
Most Oil Reserves
Motley Fool
multiple refineries
Mutual Funds
Nasdaq Oil Futures
National Average
National Debt
national energy policy
National Oilwell Varco
National Petrochemical & Refiners Association
National Telephone Survey
National Transitional Council
Nation's Largets Refineries
Natural Energy Regulator
Natural Ga
Natural Gas
natural gas and oil
Natural Gas Assets
Natural Gas Damage Recovery Fund
natural gas delivery
Natural Gas Demand
Natural Gas Deposits
Natural Gas Drilling
Natural Gas Drilling Activity
Natural Gas Equivalent
Natural Gas Estimate
Natural Gas Estimates
Natural Gas Expectation Growth
Natural Gas Expectations
Natural Gas Fell
Natural gas from shales
Natural Gas Futures
Natural Gas Growth
Natural Gas Growth Rate
Natural Gas Index
Natural gas Industry
natural gas infrastructure
Natural Gas Investors
natural gas jobs
natural gas liquid
natural gas liquids
Natural Gas Market
Natural Gas Operations
Natural Gas Outlook
natural gas peak
Natural Gas Pipelines
Natural Gas Plays
natural gas price
natural gas prices
Natural Gas Producer
natural gas production
Natural Gas Production Growth
Natural Gas Rally
Natural Gas Ranges
Natural Gas Recovery
Natural Gas Regulation
Natural Gas Resource
natural gas resources
Natural Gas RIch Plays
natural gas source
Natural Gas Stocks
Natural Gas Supplies
Natural Gas Supply
Natural Gas Supply Forcast
Natural Gas Supply Growth
Natural Gas Surge
natural gas traded
Natural Gas Up
Natural Resources Committee
Need For Crude
Net Acres
Net Gain
Net Imports
Net Mineral Acres
New Air Permits
New Mexico's Oil Fields
New York
New York City
New York Market
New York Mercantile Exchange
New York News
New York Times
Nigeria Oil
Nitrified Acid Injenction
nitrified foam
nitrogen fuel
No Action Letter
Noble Danny Adkins
Noncrude Output
non-hydrocarbon areas
Non-Impacted Production
Non-OECD Countries
Norges Bank Investment Management
North Africa
North American Downstream Week
North American oil
North American oil and gas
North American oil and gas assets
North American-Made Energy Security Act
North Boundary
North Dakota
North Dakota Bakken Shale Facts
north dakota oil wells
North Louisiana
North Sea
North Sea oil
North Sea Oil and Gas
North Sea Oil Spill
North Sea production
Northeast Marcellus Shale
Northeast Marias River
Northwest Dupuyer Creek
Norway Oil
Norway Oil Fund
Norway's Oil Fund
November Natural Gas
nuclear energy
Nymex crude
Nymex crude-oil
Nymex crude-oil contracts
NYSE Arca Natural Gas Index
NYSE Arca Oil Index
O & G
O & G Market
O and G
O&G Opportunities
Obama administration
Obama Expediting Oil Pipeline
object to drilling
Occidental Petroleum Corp.
October gasoline
Off Market
off the market
Office of Conservation
Office of the State Comptroller
Offshore Alaska
offshore based drilling]
Offshore Drilling
Offshore Drilling Haulted
offshore energy
Offshore Exploration
offshore oil
offshore oil & gas
offshore oil and gas
offshore oil production
offshore oil rigs
Offshore Operators
offshore permits
offshore production
Offshore Resources
Offshore Rig
Offshore Rig For Sale
Offshore Rig Markets
offshore rigs
offshore rigs and facilities
offshore wells
Ohio Gas
Ohio Geological Survey
Ohio Oil
Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program
Ohio’s natural gas
Oil & Crude
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas Accounts
Oil & Gas Activity
Oil & Gas Deals
Oil & Gas Financial Journal
Oil & Gas Forum
Oil & Gas High Performance Computing Workshop
Oil & Gas Independence
oil & gas industry
Oil & Gas Infrastructure
Oil & Gas Interests
Oil & Gas Journal
Oil & Gas Prices
oil & gas private equity
Oil & Gas Production
Oil & Gas Wells
Oil & Gas: Tel Aviv Coastline
Oil & Natural Gas
Oil Administration
oil affecting gas
oil analyst
Oil Analysts
Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas Activity
Oil and Gas Agency
Oil and Gas Analyst
Oil and Gas Approval
Oil and Gas Assets
Oil and Gas Benefits
oil and gas boom
Oil and Gas Commodities
Oil and Gas Compact Commission
Oil and Gas Companies
Oil And Gas Consumption
Oil and Gas Creating New Jobs
Oil and Gas Deals
oil and gas demand
Oil and Gas Discoveries
oil and gas drilling
oil and gas exploration
oil and gas financial journal
oil and gas formations
Oil and Gas Industry
Oil and Gas Industry Jobs
oil and gas infrastructure
Oil and Gas Inventories
Oil and Gas Inventory
oil and gas jobs
Oil and Gas Journal
oil and gas lobbying
Oil and Gas Market
Oil and Gas Markets
Oil and Gas Operator
oil and gas operators
Oil and Gas Pensions
oil and gas pipelines
Oil and Gas Plan
oil and gas platforms
Oil and Gas Plays
oil and gas policy
oil and gas production
Oil and Gas Regulation
Oil and Gas Report
oil and gas research
oil and gas resources
oil and gas rigs
oil and gas royalties
Oil and Gas Sector
oil and gas shale
oil and gas spending
Oil and Gas Stocks
oil and gas study
Oil and Gas Subsectors
oil and gas supply
Oil and Gas Tax
Oil and Gas Transactions
Oil and Gas Wages
Oil and Gas Work
Oil and Liquid Fuels
oil and natural gas
oil and natural gas jobs
Oil and Natural Gas Production
oil and natural gas resources
Oil Asset Management
Oil Assets
Oil Below $100
oil boom
Oil Boost
Oil Bottomed Out
Oil bounces Back
Oil Bounces Up
Oil Capability
Oil Capacity
Oil Carbonates
Oil Catalyst
Oil Channel
Oil Commodities
Oil Commodity
Oil Companies
Oil Companies Employees
Oil Company Credit Quality
Oil Company Employees
Oil Company Fines
Oil Company Giants
Oil Company Infrastructure
oil company operations
oil company operators
Oil Company Ratings
oil consumption
oil cost
oil data
Oil Deals
Oil Decline
oil delivery
oil demand
Oil Demand Forcast
Oil Demand Improvement
Oil Demand Increase
Oil Dependence
Oil Deposits
Oil Directed Activity
Oil Directed Drilling
Oil Directed Drilling Activity
Oil Dollars
Oil Downgrade
oil drilling
oil drilling sites
oil drops
oil drops to low price
oil economic importance
Oil Economy
Oil Education
Oil employees
Oil Equity
Oil Equivalent
Oil Exploration
oil facilities
Oil Falls
Oil field
Oil Field Technology
Oil Finance
Oil Flood
Oil Flooding
Oil Fluctuates
oil for December
Oil For Heating
Oil For Heatingb
Oil Forecasts
oil formations
Oil Fracking
Oil Fund
Oil Futures
Oil Giants
Oil Global Demand
Oil Gloom
oil group
Oil Growth Rate
Oil Helping Debt
Oil Hits
Oil Idustry Reg.
oil importance
oil imports
Oil Improvement
oil increase
Oil Indsutry Focus
Oil Industry
Oil Industry Jobs
Oil Industry Portal
oil industry practices
Oil Industry Regulation
Oil Inflow
oil infrastructure
Oil Installations
Oil Inventories
Oil Inventory
Oil Inventory Levels
Oil Investment
Oil Investment Return
Oil Investments
oil investors
Oil Investors Source
oil jobs
Oil Joint Ventures
oil labor costs
Oil Law Makers
Oil Low
Oil Market
Oil Markets
oil operating efficiencies
oil operators
Oil Outlook
Oil Output
Oil Pay Zones
Oil Periods
Oil Permit
Oil Pipeline
Oil Pipeline Legislation
oil pipelines
Oil Plays
oil policy protection
oil portal
Oil Price Bottom
Oil Price Information Service
Oil Price Low
Oil Price Spikes
Oil Price Traded
Oil Prices
Oil Prices Boost
Oil Prices Dropping
Oil Prices Rebound
Oil Prices Rose
Oil Prices Slashed
Oil Producers
Oil Producing State
oil production
Oil Production Capacity
oil production rates
oil production recovering
Oil Products
Oil Profits
oil project
oil prospects
oil protections
oil province
Oil Rally
Oil Rates
Oil Rebound
Oil recession
oil refineries
oil refining
Oil Refining Operations
oil regulation
oil regulators
Oil Regulatory Programs
Oil Release
oil research
Oil Reserves
oil resources
Oil Rich
Oil Rich Countries
Oil Rich Plays
Oil Rigs
Oil Rises
Oil Rises a Third Day on Greek Debt Swap, U.S. Economy
oil royalties
oil sand costs
oil sand opportunities
oil sand risks
Oil Sands
oil sands industry
oil sands production
oil sands risk
oil sands risks
Oil Sands-Derived Liquids
Oil Season
Oil Service
oil service companies
Oil Service Sector
Oil Service Worker
Oil Service Workers
Oil Services
Oil Shale
oil sheens
Oil Slide
oil spill
Oil Spill Fund
oil stock data
Oil Stocks
Oil Story
oil study
Oil Subcommittee
Oil Supplies
Oil Supply
Oil Supply Concerns
oil supply squeeze
Oil Surveys
oil taps
Oil Tax
Oil Technology
Oil Third Party
Oil Tops $100
oil traders
oil trading
Oil Transactions
Oil Transport
Oil Uncertainty
Oil Value
oil varieties
Oil Video
Oil Videos
Oil Volatility
oil well
oil well data
oil well operators
oil wells
oil workers
Oil, Natural Gas Rally
Oil-Importing Countries
Oil-Rich Bakken
oil-rich Gulf
oil-rich Gulf of Mexico
oil-spill response
oil-spill response capabilities
Oklahoma Oil Rigs
One-Half Oil Increase
ongoing debt crisis
Onshore Gas
Onshore Natural Gas
onshore oil
Onshore Oil Plays
onshore operators
onshore pipeline
Opal Financial Group
OPEC Barrels
OPEC crude
OPEC Members
OPEC Oil Production
OPEC Production Capacity
Operable Capacity
Operating Companies
operating efficiencies
Operating Profit
Opposite Approach
Organization for Economic Cooperation
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OTC Market
OTC Marketplace
OTCBB Delistings
Other Fuels
Overall Gas Demand
Overall Production
Overseas Joint Ventures
Oversized Oil Impact
Oxygenate Belnding
Paris-based Agency
Patrick DeHaan
Pay Zones
PBF Energy
Peak Oil
Peak Oil Levels
Peaking Brent Crude
Peaking Crude
Pennsylvania Lawmakers
Pennsylvania Marcellus Natural Gas Industry
Pennsylvania Potential
Pension Fund Managers
Per Gallon
Per Thousand Cubic Feet
Permian Artificial Lift & Production Optimization Congress
Permian Basin
Permian Basin Geology & Geophysics Congress 2014
Permian Basin Oil Fields
Permian Region
Permitting Phase
Persistent High Prices
Petro Lucrum Events
Petro Lucrum News
Petro Source LLC
Petroeum Refining Pollution
Petrohawk Energy Corp.
Petroleum Analysts
petroleum and gas
Petroleum Boom
Petroleum Chemical Plant
Petroleum Demand
Petroleum Drilling
petroleum industry
Petroleum Markets
Petroleum News
Petroleum Plays
Petroleum Producers
Petroleum Producing Regions
Petroleum Production
Petroleum Products
Petroleum Province
petroleum recovery
Petroleum Regulations
Petroleum Reserves
petroleum resources
Petroleum Sector
Peyto Exploration
PFG Analyst
Philadelphia Oil Service Sector Index
Pinpoint Drilling
Pinpoint Drilling Locations
Pipeline Project
Pipeline Projects
Pipeline Route
pipeline shut-in
pipeline systems onshore
Pipeline Transportation
pipelines onshore
placement exemption
placement memorandum
Policy Environment
Political Class Voters
Political Stability
positive crude
positive gas industry
positive oil industry
Potential Investors
Potential Test Rates
Power Air Conditioners
Power Generation
Predicting The Future Of Oil
Pre-Inflation Terms
Premium Oil
Premium Prices
President Goodluck Jonathan
President Obama
pressure on oil
Price Fall
Price moves
Price Of Oil
Price Per Barrel
Price Per Barrel Peaking
Price Per Gallon
Price Predictions
Price Rising
Price-Driven Decline
pricerper barrel increase
Prices Climb
Prices In All States
Prices Will Drop
Primary Energy
Primary Energy Consumption
Primary Energy Production
Primary Petroleum Corp.
Prior SEC Rulings
private industries
Private Offering
Private Placement
Private Placements
Private Security Contractors
Processing Capability
Processing Gains
Produced Gas
Producer Prices
Producer Prices Higher
producing gas
producing natural gas
producing oil
producing oil and gas
producing oil and natural gas
Producing States
Production Deadlines
Production Decline
Production Decreasing
production estimates
Production Facilities
Production Fall
Production Forecast
Production History
Production Levels
production of gas
production percentages
production platforms
production rates
production recovering
Production Reports
production shut-in
production shut-ins
Production Technologies
Production Technology
Production Test
Production Tests
Production To Date
Profitable Exploration
Profitable Shale
Profran Capital Group
Progress Energy
Progressive Technology, Inc
pro-jobs energy policy
Prolific Wells
Protected Wildlife
Proved Reserves
Public Forum
Public Hearings
Public Oil Trading
Public Pensions
Pulse Opinion Rsearch, LLC
Pump Prices
Purchasing Managers
Pure Play Gas Producer
Pursuing gas
Pursuing oil
Pursuing oil and gas
Pushing Oil Prices
Pusing Oil Demand
Put-of-State Drillers
QE3 Expectations For Oil
Quantifiable Trends
Quantitative Easing
quantities of gas
quantities of natural gas
Quarter Gains
Raised Rates
Raising Capital
raising gas taxes
raising oil taxes
Range For Gasoline
Rasmussen Reports
Rate Of Services
Raymond James & Associates Inc.
Raymond James Energy Group
Real GDP
Reasonable Tax
Recoverable Crude
Recoverable Gas
recoverable hydrocarbons
Recoverable Natural Gas Liquids
Recoverable Reserves
Recovering Gas
Recovering Natural Gas
Reduce Debt
Reduce Energy
reduce greenhouse gas
reduced energy rates
Reducing Emissions
Reducing Employment
Reducing Energy Demand
Refined Oil
Refined Product Inventories
Refinery Capacity
Refinery Crude Slate Strategies Congress
Refinery Issues
Refinery Margin
refinery operation
Refinery Output
Refinery Utilisation
Refinery Utilisation Rate
Refinery Utilization
Refining Centers
refining infrastructure
Refining Output
reformulated gasoline
reformulated gasoline blendstock
reframe oil prices
reframing oil
reframing oil prices
Regional Collapse
regional drilling
regional source rock
Registered Broker
Registered Broker/Dealer
Registration Requirements
Regulating Oil
Regulation and Enforcement
Regulation of Fracking Ops
Regulatory and Economic Policy
Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Duplication
Regulatory Programs
Reliability Risks
Relief well
relief wells
Remotely Operated Vehicle
Renewable Energy
Republican Leaders
Republican Voters
Research and Markets
reservoir estimates
reservoir rock
Resource Strategy
respond to oil spills
response to oil spills
Resumption of Production
Retail Crude
Retail Gasoline
Retirement Funds
Reverse Mergers
Reverse Takeover
Review of World Energy
Rich Gas
Richter scale
Rig Counts
Rig Markets
Rig Zone
Rigs Under Construction
Rigzone Staff
Rise In Oil Prices
rising exploration
Rising Oil
Rising Oil Demand
rising oil prices
rising production
Rising Spot Prices
Riskier Investments
Robust Oil
robust oil production
Rotary Rig
Rotary Rigs
Roubini Global Economics
Roused Oil Market
Royal Dutch Shell
royalty payments
Rule 506 of SEC Regulation D
rule-making process
Running At Capacity
Rust Belt
S & P
S&P 500
Sabine Pass, Texas
Sampling Error
San Antonio
San Miguel
San Patricio County
Santa Cruz
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Oil Minister
Saudi Arabio Oil
Scotia Capital
Sea Brent Crude
SEC Interpretation: Use of Electronic Media
SEC Regulation
Securities Act of 1933
Securities and Exchange Commission
Securities Related Services
Seeking Oil Opportunities
seismic events
Senior Petroleum Analyst
September Crude
September Crude-Oil Futures
September gasoline
Shale Acreage
Shale Assets
Shale Boom
Shale Development
Shale Energy
shale formations
Shale Future Potential
Shale Gas
Shale Gas Formations
Shale Gas Plays
shale gas revolution
shale gas wells
Shale Geology
Shale Graphics
Shale Investors
Shale Joint Ventures
Shale Natural Gas
Shale Oil
Shale Oil & Gads
Shale Oil & Gas
Shale Oil Reserves
shale plays
Shale Report
Shale Reports
Shale Revenues
shale rock
Shale Wells
Shale Worsening
Shale-Gas Assets
Shales With Production
shallow water exploration
shallow water oil
Share Price Appreciaton
Sharp Rate of Decline
sheens of oil
Shelley Goldberg
Shipments Of Oil
short market return
Short Oil Supply
Shut Down Production
shut-in procedure
Shut-in production
Shut-in production information
shut-in well
shut-in wells
SIG Oil Exploration & Production
Single Family Office
Single Family Offices
Site License
sites for oil drilling
Sizable Majorities
Slyngstad, Norway
Soaring Oil Prices
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Soft Economy
Solar Wind
some production
Sonecon LLC
source of gas
Source Of Imports
source of natural gas
sources of foreign energy
Sources Of Oil
South Texas
South Texas Coast
South Texas' Eagle Ford
South Texas' Eagle Ford Shale
South Texas Exploration
South Texas Region
Southcross Energy
Southern Alberta Basin
Southern Crude
Southwest Deep Creek
Southwestern Energy
sovereign credit ratings
Spain Prices
Spanish Prices
Special Energy Projects
Speculating Oil
Speculative Bubble
Speculators Of The Market
Spill Compensation Fund
Spot Oil Prices
SPR Crude
spreading investments
Sri Lanka's Potential Oil Reserves Spark Global Interest
St. James, Louisiana
Standard & Poor
Standard & Poor's
Standard & Poor's 500
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services
Standard Bank Group
Standard New York Securities
Standard New York Securities Inc.
standard visual wellhead
State Affairs
State Cuts
State Department
State Energy Activity
State Government
State Governments
State of Oil
State Rights
State Taxes
Statewide Drilling Tax
Static Information
Steady Energy Prices
steady gas prices
Steady Increase
steady oil prices
Steptoe & Johnson
stock companies
Stock Market
stock prices
Stock Trading
storm affecting oil
Strategic Oil
Strategic Oil Stocks
Strategic Petroleum Reserve
Strategic Stocks
Strategic Stocks]
Strawn Formation
Strong Oil Gains
strong oil prices
Strong-Armed Texas Businesses
Stronger Stock Prices
subsequent oil months
subsequent oil spill
subsurface energy
Success Of Bakken
Success-Based Compensation
Successful Reverse Mergers
Summer 2011
Summer Gas Discounts
Summer NAPE
Supply and Demand
Supply Disruption
Supply Increases
Supply Of Electricity
Supply Of Energy
Supply Of Oil
Supply Panics of 1970s
Supply Uncertain
Supply/Demand Trends
surface casing
Surge In Oil
Surprise Oil Release
Survey Contraction
Sustained Energy Risk
Swap Dealers
Sweet Crude
sweet light crude
Syria Petroleum
Syria Petroleum Industry
Syrian Gas Co.
Syria's Gas
Syria's Oil
T. Boone Pickens
tap American energy
Target Speculators
Tax Advantages
Tax Regime
Tax Revenues
Tax Revenues From Oil
Taxes On Production
taxing energy
taxing energy industry
TCF of Gas
Teacher Union
technical data
Technically Recoverable Gas
Technically Recoverable Reserves
Technologies' Shares of Investment
Technology Sector
Telephone Survey
Test Rates
Texas Air Quality
Texas areas
Texas City
Texas Classic Productions
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
texas drought
Texas EPA Officials
Texas Fossil Fuel
Texas Gulf Coast
Texas Intermediate
Texas Jobs
Texas' Natural Gas Production
Texas O & G Jobs
Texas Oil & Gas
Texas Oil and Gas
Texas Oil Boom
Texas Oil Rigs
Texas Petro Index
Texas Plants
Texas-Produced Oil
The American Petroleum Institute
The Bakken
The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
The Burleson Litigation Team
The Energy Information Administration
The EO
The Fed
The International Energy Agency
The Jackup Market
The Lone Star State
The Macondo well
The Marcellus
The november WTI
The Return of the Hostile Takeover
The S&P
The U.S. Energy Information Administration
Third Quarter Indicators
Third Quarter Oil
Thomas Boone Pickens
Thompson & Knight
thousand cubic feet
Three Forks
Three Rivers
Three Rivers Lodge
Tight Oil Formations
Tight Oil Reservoirs California 2014 Congress
Tighter Market
Tipping Point
Tony Motto
Top Ten
Total Capacity
Total Commercial Imports
total investments
Total Oil Consumption
Total Strategic Reserves
Traded Contract
Traded Gasoline
Trading Commodities
Trading Energy
Trading Gasoline
Trading Oil
Trading Oil & Gas
Trafigura AG
transport Canadian oil
Transport Sector
Transportation and Marketing
Treasury Bonds
Trends, Terms and Lessons Learned
Triangle Petroleum
Trillion Cubic Feet
Tropical Disturbance
tropical storm
tropical storm disturbance
Tropical Storm Don
Tropical Storm Katia
Tropical Storm Stopping Production
Tulane University
Turn Key OIl
U S Geological Survey
U.S Chamber of Commerce
U.S. coastal refineries
U.S. Commerce Department
U.S. Crude-Oil Supplies
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Department of Labor
U.S. Economic Growth
U.S. Energy Department
U.S. Energy Information Administration
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Geological Survey
U.S. Gulf Coast
U.S. Interior Department
U.S. Labor Department
U.S. Light, Sweet Crude
U.S. Light, Sweet Cruide
U.S. National Hurricane Center
U.S. Officials
U.S. Oil
U.S. Refineries
U.S. Small Business Administration
U.S. States
U.S. Stock Futures
U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve
U.S. Treasury bonds
UK Department of Energy
UK Department of Energy and Climate Change
UK Oil and Gas
UK's Energy Demand
Unaffiliated Voters
Uncertain Supply
Uncompleted Gas Wells
Uncompleted Wells
Unconventional Gas
Unconventional Gas Development
unconventional gas play
unconventional oil play
unconventional petroleum play
unconventional play
Unconventional Plays
Unconventional Resources
Unconventional Roadshow Houston
Unconventional Shale Formations
Undiscovered Natural Gas
Undiscovered Recoverable Oil
Unemployment Rates
Unfavorable Investment Terms
United States
United States Energy
United States Oil
United States Shale
United States Shales
University of Colorado Denver Business School
University of Houston
Unquantifiable Oil
unregistered securities
Unreliable Price of Oil
Unsustainable Production
Upper Midwest
Upside Rating Potential
Upside Stocks
Upstream Energy
Upstream Oil
Upstream Oil & Gas
Upstream Oil & Gas Production Summit
US Annual Demand
US Appalachian
US Appalachian basin
US Benchmark Crudes
US Capital
US Coast Guard
US Coastal Waters
US Commercial Crude
US Commerical Crude
US Congress
US Consumption
US Credit
US Credit AA
US Credit Rating
US crude
US Crude Oil
US crude oil import
US Crude Oil Production
US Crude Supplies
US Currency
US Debt
US Debt Crisis
US Debt Rating
US Department of Energy
US Depatment of Labor
US Dept. of Energy
US Dept. of Labor
US Dollar
US Dollars
US Domestic Gas Supply
US Downgrade
US Drilling
US East Coast
US economy
US Energy
US Energy Department
US Energy Dept.
US Energy Dollars
US Energy Information Administration
US Energy Market
US Energy Policy
US Energy Production
US Energy Risk
US Energy Risks
US Energy Security
US Energy Study
US equities
US equity markets
US Exploration
US Exploration Opportunities
US Exports
US Fed
US Gas
US Gas Demand
US Gas Prices
US Gas Supply
US Gas Supply Growth
US Gasoline
US Gasoline Inventories
US Gasoline Prices
US Geological Survey
US Government
US Holdings
US House of Representatives
US Imports
US industrial demand
US Interior Sec.
US Lawmakers
US Liquid Fuel
US Lower 48
US Markets
US Natural Gas
US Natural Gas Prices
US Natural Gas Supply
US of Petroleum
US of Petroleum Products
US Oil
US Oil & Gas
US oil and gas
US Oil and Gas Mergers & Acquisitions
US Oil Booms
US Oil Consumptio
US Oil Forcast
US Oil Fund
US Oil Funds
US Oil Imports
US oil market
US Oil Markets
US Oil Prices
US Oil Producers
US Oil Refining
US Oil Supplies
US Onshore
US Onshore Energy
US Onshore Oil
US Operating
US Operating Refineries
US Petroleum
US Petroleum Industry
US President
US Recession
US Refiner Costs
US Refineries
US Refining Operations
US Reginery
US Regional Economic Group
US Retail Sales
US Rigs
US spot market
US Strategic Petroleum Reserve
US Strategic Petroleum Reserves
US Under-Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs
USA Oil And Gas Production
USA Oil And Gas Productoin
USGS Estimation
Utica Shale
Utica shale reserve
Valero Energy
Valero Energy Corp.
Varied Exploration
Varied Plays
Vehicle Efficiency
Venezuela Oil
Vertical Drilling
Vertical Oil Wells
Vinson & Elkins
Vinson & Elkins LLP
visual wellhead
Vitol Inc
Wall Street
Wall Street Investment Banking
Washington DC
Washington Examiner
Water Allocation
Water Basin
Weak Economy
Weak Housing Market
Weakend Demand
Weakening Economy
Wealth Leadership Summit UK
Weather Services International
Web Based Offerings
Weekly Data Report
Weekly Oil Inventories
Weekly Report
Weighing Demand
well casing
well completion
well completion technology
well data
well disposal costs
well drill
well drilling
Well Frac
well fracking
well fracturing
well inspeaction
well observation
well pipelines
well production
well test
Well Test Rates
well testing
wellhead inspection
wellhead test
wellhead tests
West African Crude
West Cameron Block
West Texas
West Texas Intermediate
West Texas Intermediate Crude
West Virginia Drilling
Wet Gas
Wet Gas Exploration
Wet Gas Plays
Wet Natural Gas
Williston Basin
Wilson Conferences
Wolfcamp Formation
Woodford Production Optimization 2014 Congress
Workforce Payroll
Working Rigs
World Energy
World Production
World Trade Group
World's Crude
World-Wide Gas
Worldwide Oil
Worldwide Oil Consumption
Worldwide Oil Demand
Worldwide Oil Market
worldwide production
Would-Be Investor
Wright Express
WTI Cride Oil Prices
WTI Crude
WTI Crude Oil
WTI Crude Prices
WTI Peak
Wyoming Oil Rigs
XTO Energy
Yahoo Oil & Gas News
Year-Ago Levels
Yesterday's Energy
Young Professionals in Energy
YPE Houston Breakfast Series: Making the Right Career Move
Zavala County
Zero-Emitting Technologies
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Petro Lucrum Announces Chairman Of Single Family Office Oil & Gas Forum In London, England

Houston, Texas - February 10th - Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. is pleased to announce Chairing the Single Family Office Oil and Gas Investment Forum in London, England.

We invite you to join Petro Lucrum and the Family Office Council. 

The Single Family Office Oil and Gas Investment Forum is a forum for single family offices to exchange insights and review oil and gas focused investment strategies. Our vision is to provide the best quality insight for family offices seeking to invest and co-invest in Oil and Gas.

Petro Lucrum Announces Speaking At Emerging Managers Summit South In Austin, Texas

Houston, Texas - November 5, 2014 - Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. is pleased to announce participation to the Opal Financial  Emerging Managers Summit South on November 6-7th, 2014 in Austin, Texas. 

We invite you to join Petro Lucrum and Opal Financial to this two-day Summit.

Conference Details:
If you are looking to expand and diversify your asset allocation by investing in emerging managers as well as women and minority owned investment managers, the emerging managers conference will provide the unique opportunity to access a diversified group of up-and-coming performance-oriented managers and manager of managers.

Petro Lucrum Invited To Steptoe & Johnson Energy Leadership Summit - Midcontinent and Rockies

Houston, Texas - November 3, 2014 - Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. is pleased to announce participation to the Steptoe & Johnson Energy Leadership Summit - Midcontinent and Rockies on Wednesday November 5th, 2014 in Houston Texas. 

We invite you to join Petro Lucrum and Steptoe & Johnson to this one-day Summit will provide energy executives and decision makers with a comprehensive overview of recent shale oil and gas developments as well as legal and transactional issues in major U.

Petro Lucrum Announces The Fourth Annual Hydraulic Fracturing Symposium With Vinson & Elkins LLP

Houston, Texas - October 13th, 2014 - Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. is pleased to announce participation at Fourth Annual Hydraulic Fracturing Symposium on Wednesday October 15th, 2014 in Houston Texas. 

We invite you to join Petro Lucrum and Vinson & Elkins for this annual seminar discussing timely topics surrounding unconventional oil and gas, including: 

  • Latest trends in the development of shale resources: sources of funding, and focus and consolidation in the service sector

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation At The Oil Council North America Assembly With Mark Papa Former CEO EOG Resources

Houston, Texas - October 6th, 2014 - Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. is pleased to announce participation at Oil Council North America Assembly on Tuesday October 7th and 8th, 2014 in Houston Texas. 

In 2013, we welcomed over 170 CEOs, Presidents, and Managing Directors among some 500 delegates to one of the fastest growing O&G business conferences in North America.

There are a few things that make this meeting different from other conferences:

  • Popular Format: Interactive panels, not power point after power point of presentations that you can read for yourself off websites.

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation In the Thompson & Knight Energy Symposium With EnerVest's CEO John B. Walker

Houston, Texas - October 2nd, 2014 - Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. is pleased to announce participation at Thompson & Knight Energy Symposium on  Thursday October 2nd, 2014.

Key topics covered include:

  • Today's Upstream World: Chaos with a Purpose
  • Drilling Down: Environmental Diligence in Oil & Gas Deals from the Buyer's Perspective.
  • Commonly Encountered Energy M & A Tax Issues. 
  • Negotiation Secrets for Oil & Gas Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Current Litigation Trends in the Hot Oil & Gas Plays

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation and Speaking At The 2014 Family Office Trends Summit In New York City

New York City, NY - September 7, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. as panelist at Family Office Trends Summit on TuesdaySeptember 9th in New York City, NY where we will host a seminar on 2014 Family Office Trends. 

This event is oriented towards persons in the Family Office industry working primarily for single family offices, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals as well as multi-family offices. We will spend a day reviewing trends in family offices with leading experts on the subject matter.

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation And Speaking At Woodford Shale Production Optimization 2014 Congress

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - June 15, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. as Keynote Speaker at Woodford Shale Production Optimization 2014 Congress onAugust 27nd - 28th, 2014
Optimizing Woodford Oil & Gas Recovery Through The Eyes Of The Production Professional

The First And Only Congress Designed Specifically For Production And Operations Professionals In The Woodford

It's no news that the Woodford shale play is rapidly emerging as one of the major unconventional energy resources in the USA, with large operators including Marathon Oil, Devon Energy and Cimarex repeatedly announcing plans to expand drilling rigs, and others, including Osage Exploration and Jones Energy already seeing the production return.

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation At Wealth Leadership Summit

London, UK - June 15, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. as panelist at Wealth Leadership Summit on Wednesday September 17th, 2014.

The Wealth Leadership Summit 2014 features:

  • High quality audience - all attendees strictly vetted and personally invited
  • Limited sell-side participation - ensuring more relevant interactions and better experience for both attendees and sponsors
  • New 2 stream format - concurrent sessions allow us to cover more niche topics in depth and provide more choice for attendees

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation And Speaking At North American Downstream Week

Houston, Texas - June 15, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. as Chairmen and Keynote Speaker at North American Downstream Week onSeptember 22nd - 24th, 2014.

North America Downstream Week: Increasing your petrochemical and refining output in North America

The petrochemical and refining industry in North America is at a pivotal turning point, with key companies starting the competitive race to secure cheap feedstock for the future, to ultimately boost cash flow for their business.

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation And Speaking At A May Networking Luncheon

Dallas, Texas - May 19, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. as a Speaker at a May Networking Luncheon on May 20, 201411:30am to 2pm.

Our Speaker is President & CIO Petro Lucrum, Inc, a Houston based Single Family Office, exclusively in the upstream oil & gas segment including E & P and oilfield services within the USA. As always, this event is available for energy industry professionals working in The Woodlands and surrounding areas.

For more information visit:

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation In The Unconventional Roadshow Houston

Dallas, Texas - May 27, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. at theUnconventional Roadshow HoustononJune 20, 20143:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Drillinginfo's CEO Allen Gilmer is presenting on how E&P companies are succeeding in the Eagle Ford Whether or not your company is active in an unconventional play, we're changing the way people use subsurface technology to gain analytical oil and gas knowledge to beat your competitor. Allen's presentation will primarily focus on Eagle Ford-specific insights which are transferable to unconventional plays throughout the world.

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation and Chairing At The Emerging Shale Plays USA 2014

Dallas, Texas - May 19, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. as Chairman at theEmerging Shale Plays USA 2014onMay 28-29, 2014 Starting at 8:30 AM CT.

WPX, Element Petroleum, Amelia Resources, Goodrich Petroleum and other American E&Ps will be gathering at the 3rd Annual Emerging Shale Plays USA 2014 congress in Houston, to showcase the most up-to-date core analysis data and production results. They will identify key geochemical, petrophysical and structural production drivers in the hottest emerging US shale plays.

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation and Speaking At The Family Office Trends Summit

Dallas, Texas - May 19, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. as a Panelist Speaker attheFamily Office TrendsSummit on May 20, 20149:00AM to 4:30 PM.

On Tuesday May 20th we will host a seminar on 2014 Family Office Trends. This event is oriented towards persons in the Family Office industry working primarily for single family offices, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals as well as multi-family offices. We will spend a day reviewing trends in family offices with leading experts on the subject matter.

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation In The Return of the Hostile Takeover: Pershing Square and Valeant’s Bid for Allergan

Houston, Texas - May 5, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. at the The Return of the Hostile Takeover: Pershing Square and Valeant’s Bid for AllerganonMay 6, 2014.

V&E attorneys of the M&A/Private Equity and Shareholder Activism practices invite you to a discussion of the hostile bid by Valeant and Pershing Square for Allergan and the rise of shareholder activism in general, with a focus on the implications for public companies and opportunities for private equity funds.

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation In Houston Vistage Executive Summit

Houston, Texas - April 30, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. at the Houston Vistage Executive Summit onMay 14, 2014.

Push your limits. Try new things. Dare to innovate.

As a business leader in an uncertain economy, it’s critical to constantly develop new ideas that will stimulate productivity and growth. But where does innovation come from? What’s the best way to lead your team into uncharted waters?

We’ll examine these issues and more at this Executive Summit, designed exclusively for business leaders.

Join Petro Lucrum At The Refinery Crude Slate Strategies Congress In Houston

Houston, Texas - April 27, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. onApril 29th, 2014 for theRefinery Crude Slate Strategies Congress In Houston. 

The rapidly increasing production of North American crude oil has led Bloomberg to speculate the US will become the worlds largest producer by 2015.

This exponential growth of light shale crude, the burgeoning Canadian heavy crude production, pipeline projects and the development of the crude by rail network has led to a so called 'golden age of refining'.

Join Petro Lucrum At The YPE Houston Breakfast Series: Making the Right Career Move

Houston, Texas - April 16, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. onMay 7th, 2014 for theYPE Houston Breakfast Series: Making the Right Career Move. Today’s fast-paced energy industry presents a world of career opportunities for the ambitious professional however; highly-coveted positions come with great competition. So, how do you position yourself to compete in such a dynamic and evolving environment? In her presentation, industry-insider, Elizabeth Dahill will tap into her extensive energy experience to discuss what skills, attributes and undertakings you will need to find your next great career move.

Join Petro Lucrum At Houston Happy Hour Sponsored by Oilpro

Houston, Texas - April 16, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. onMay 6th, 2014 for the Houston Happy Hour Sponsored by Oilpro.  The happy hour is sponsered by Oilpro, the professional network for the oil & gas industry where industry professional’s network, learn and find jobs. Show what makes you an Oilpro and start building your brand atoilpro.com/register.

For more information visit: http://www.ypenergy.org/en/cev/1763

  • Location:

Join Petro Lucrum At Bloomberg Corporations Symposium 2014

Houston, Texas - April 14, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. onMay 20th, 2014 for theBloomberg Corporations Symposium 2014.

The Corporations Symposium series continues to offer actionable insight from industry experts on a variety of timely topics. This regional series is a powerful networking forum for you, your colleagues and your peers in the business. Join us and leverage the knowledge and experience of our speakers, as well as the power of the Bloomberg Professional® service, as we explore innovative strategies for addressing the key challenges facing corporate treasury and finance professionals.

Join Petro Lucrum At Burleson LLP's: Trends, Terms and Lessons Learned

Houston, Texas - April 14, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. onMay 7th, 2014 forBurleson LLP's: Trends, Terms and Lessons Learned.

You are invited to start your day off right by joining us for breakfast and a brief update on recent energy litigation developments, and a timely discussion of related trends potentially impacting Texas businesses, contained in two informative presentations:


Case Law Update – Judicial Developments that Are (or Should Be) of Concern to All Counsel Advising Energy Companies in Texas.

Join Petro Lucrum At The Houston Happy Hour Sponsored By Tulane University

Houston, Texas - April 14, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. onApril 17th,2014 forHouston Happy Hour Sponsored by Tulane University. 
The happy hour is sponsored by Tulane University in Houston, which offers weekend MBA and Master of Finance programs with Energy and Finance programs with Energy and Finance concentrations.

For more information visit:http://www.ypenergy.org/en/cev/1739/

  • Location:Hughes Hangar 2811 Washington Avenue Houston Texas 77007

New Frontiers: Eagle Ford vs. Permian, the great Texas oil showdown

Production in West Texas’ Permian Basin has grown at a moderate clip over the last few years, but how does it stack up to its faster-growing peer resource plays? Two prominent operators in the biggest US unconventional oil plays traded thoughts recently on how it measures up to the giant Eagle Ford field, which has been called the “800-pound gorilla” among shale plays.

The prolific Eagle Ford, sited in South Texas, and the Bakken Shale in North Dakota/Montana each produce less than the Permian, but are the bigger plays, Bill Thomas, CEO of EOG Resources, said at the Credit Suisse Annual Energy Summit in Vail, Colorado last week.

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation and Speaking At The Permian Basin Geology & Geophysics Congress 2014

Houston, Texas - April 4, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. as Keynote Speaker atthe Permian Basin Geology & Geophysics Congress 2014onJuly 15-16, 2014.

Petro Lucrum President joins the speaker facility:

- Darryl James, VP Geology, Tall City Exploration
- Mayank Malik, Formation Testing SME, Chevron
- Bill Fairhurst, Vice President Exploration, Eagle Oil & Gas
- Randy Nickerson,Vice President Exploration, Caza Oil & Gas
- Kenneth Schwartz, Delaware Basin Subsurface Team Lead, Chevron

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation At The Gardere Energy Team's 8th Annual Energy of Energy With CEO G.Steven Farris Of Apache Corporation

Houston, Texas - April 4th, 2014 -Petro Lucrum, Inc. a Houston based, Single 
Family Office is pleased to announce theGardere Energy Team's 8th Annual Energy of Energy; please join us onTuesday April 29th 2014 at5:30 - 7:00 p.m. with Keynote SpeakerG. Steven Farris Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ofApache Corporation.  

G. Steven Farris who became chief executive officer of Apache Corporation in 2002 and chairman of the board in 2009.

Petro Lucrum Announces Attendance And Chairman Of The Tight Oil Reservoirs California 2014 Congress

Bakersfield, California - April 4, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. as the Chairman ofthe Tight Oil Reservoirs California 2014 Congress on June 25-26, 2014. 

Focusing purely on the exploitation of unconventional resources within California they will bring together leading Californian operators to correctly isolate productive zones, characterize reservoirs and determine the appropriate stimulation and production techniques to use within the Monterey, Kreyenhagen and wider San Joaquin, Santa Maria and LA basins.

Petro Lucrum Is Pleased To Announce Becoming Members Of The Houston Business Journal Directory

Houston, Texas - March 17, 2014 - Petro Lucrum, Inc., a Single Family Office, is pleased to announce that it has become a member of the Houston Business Journal Membership Directory. 

"We look forward to using the Houston Business Journal network to expand our local relationships and build new business opportunities," stated the President of Petro Lucrum.

About Houston Business Journal:

Houston Business Journal, where you'll find the latest breaking business news, updated throughout the day, some of this week's top stories from the Houston Business Journal and other popular features from the print edition.

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation and Speaking At The Permian Artificial Lift & Production Optimization Congress 2014

Houston, Texas - March 15, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. as a Panelist Speaker atthe Permian Artificial Lift & Production Optimization Congress 2014 on March 26-27, 2014. 

With production in the Permian increasing by 93,000 barrels a day year on year and accounting for 68% of overall production in Texas, the basin is without doubt re-establishing itself as one of the most prolific areas within North America for oil & gas exploration.

Petro Lucrum Announces Participation At The BakerHostetler Shale Symposium

Houston, Texas - March 9th, 2014 -Petro Lucrum, Inc. a Houston based, Single Family Office is pleased to announce the  BakerHostetler Shale Symposium,The State of the Shale Play; please join us on March 24th 2014. BakerHostetler is one of the first national law firms to create a dedicated shale practice, is pleased to co-host this program with Young Professionals in Energy. 

The Shale Symposium will focus on the shale phenomenon in the United States and its implications in the energy industry.

Petro Lucrum Announces Attendance And Speaking At The 2014 Family Office Super Summit

Houston, Texas - March 9, 2014 - Please join the President of the Single Family Office, Petro Lucrum, Inc. as a Speaker onNovember 11th - 13th, 2014at The #1 largest family office conference of 2014, the 3-Day Family Office Super Summit this year in Miami features 50+ speakers, a day dedicated to $1B+ family offices, dozens of single family offices, and over 500 delegates.

Benefits of Attending the 2014 Family Office Super Summit

  1. Hear directly from leading single family offices and top multi-family office executives on how to operate, grow, and invest capital as a family office.

Rice University's 2014 Oil & Gas High Performance Computing Underpins Future Of Industry

Houston, Texas - March 8, 2014 - We are pleased to announce a successful Oil & Gas High Performance Computing Forum with Timothy Smith, President of Single Family Office, Petro Lucrum, Inc. on March 6th , 2014.

This Rice University Oil and Gas High Performance Computing (HPC) Workshop, is the premier meeting place for networking and discussion focused on computing and information technology challenges and needs in the oil and gas industry.

"I was very impressed with the organization of some of the industries top executives, engineers and professors in the High Performance Computing segment and the new ideas that are leading the way for Big Data, state of the art visualization and seismic technologies," stated, President, Timothy Smith.

The Global Rise Of The Family Office

Family offices are helping high-net-worth families manage and increase their wealth, and their popularity is growing.

With global wealth in the spotlight as never before, high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth families are changing the ways they manage their wealth. Like their investments, high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth families are becoming increasingly international. Research conducted by Boodle Hatfield LLP for The Wealth Report 2013 shows that 60 percent of the private client advisers consulted deal with families which "frequently" have members who live outside the home jurisdiction.

Family Offices Are Seizing More Opportunities In Middle-Market M&A

When middle-market business owners begin looking outward for potential investors or buyers, they often limit their searches to a lineup of the usual suspects: private equity firms, venture capitalists, strategic buyers, and so forth. But often overlooked alternative investors — family offices — can be a good fit for those seeking investment relationships with longer term horizons and less complicated approval processes. South Florida in particular has a growing group of family offices. Family offices primarily manage the family affairs of ultra-wealthy families and make investments and asset allocations on their behalf.

Shale Brings High Hopes In Mississippi, Louisiana

GILLSBURG, Miss. (AP) -- Residents living above an oil-rich shale formation that stretches across southwest Mississippi and Louisiana have been waiting on a boom for years. A steady trickle of drilling is already boosting the rural region's economy, and spending by two oil companies could make 2014 the year that many other locals finally cash in on the oil far beneath their feet.

Already, Max Lawson has spent hours watching the round-the-clock work of shoving pipe into the ground in his back pasture.

Dream of U.S. Oil Independence Slams Against Shale Costs

The path toward U.S. energy independence, made possible by a boom in shale oil, will be much harder than it seems.

Just a few of the roadblocks: Independent producers will spend $1.50 drilling this year for every dollar they get back. Shale output drops faster than production from conventional methods. It will take 2,500 new wells a year just to sustain output of 1 million barrels a day in North Dakota’s Bakken shale, according to the Paris-based International Energy Agency. Iraq could do the same with 60.

Join Petro Lucrum At The Horizontal Well Intervention, Re-Stimulation & Remedial Workover Optimization 2014

Houston, Texas - February 27, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. as Keynote Speaker onApril 23-24, 2014 for The Horizontal Well Intervention, Re-Stimulation & Remedial Workover Optimization 2014 Forum. 

Production, intervention and completions industry experts will evaluate the most reliable new developments in well servicing tools and technology including coiled tubing strength, fiber optic cable, eline and conveyance tools, expandable casings, workover fluid and corrosion mitigation innovations, straddle packers and dissolvable frac plugs and evaluate the cost of stick pipe vs coiled tubing interventions to determine the most cost effective investment in well interventions is achieved.

Join Petro Lucrum At The Upstream Oil & Gas Production Summit 2014

Houston, Texas - February 22, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. asKeynote Speakeron March. 10th - 11th, 2014 for the Upstream Oil & Gas Production Summit 2014 will bring together executives from plays across all of North America to share individual innovations to the universal challenges they face every day in their field operations. These challenges are common issues facing not only all oil and gas operators, but also the oil field service and EPCM firms who work alongside them.

Join Petro Lucrum At 2014 Houston Family Office Trends Summit

Houston, Texas -  February 22nd, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. onMarch 4th, 2014for a seminar on 2014 Family Office Trends. This event is oriented towards persons in the Family Office industry working primarily for single family offices, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals as well as multi-family offices. We will spend a day reviewing trends in family offices with leading experts on the subject matter. This event is for people who presently run or are considering launching a Family Office.

Join Petro Lucrum At Energy Symposium Series: Renewable Energy: Need for Governmental Support?

Houston, Texas - February 22, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. on March. 4th, 2014 for UH Energy's Energy Symposium series featuring guest speakers. The series is presented by UH's College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) and is free to the public.

The last topic about critical issues in energy featuring guest speakers:

  • Congressman Gene Green - 29th District of Texas and
  • Robert L. Bradley Jr. - Institute for Energy Research

Join Petro Lucrum At Distinguished Leaders Series: Midstream and the Keystone Pipeline With Clark C. Smith CEO Buckeye GP

Houston, Texas - February 18, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. on Feb. 18, 2014 the C. T. Bauer College of Business for the first Distinguished Leaders Series (DLS) of the Spring 2014 semester for a discussion on "Midstream and the Keystone Pipeline." Sponsored by AGL Resources and their Houston-based energy companies, the DLS provides students, alumni, faculty and the community exposure to business leaders in the energy industry.

Join Petro Lucrum At The Distinguished Leaders Series Special Event With Marvin Odum, Shell Oil President.

Houston, Texas - February 16, 2014 - Please join the President of Single Family Office Petro Lucrum, Inc. on Feb. 19, 2014at the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston to host Marvin Odum (MBA ’95), Shell Oil president and Upstream director for Royal Dutch Shell’s subsidiary companies in the Americas, as he presents “Energy: Its Future & the Impact on Human Capital” during a special Distinguished Leaders Series at 6 p.m. in Cemo Hall’s Stubblefield Auditorium.

Top Texas Oil Producer Occidental Petroleum In The Permian (Part 2: After The Call)

Occidental Petroleum (OXY), the largest Texas oil producer, is beginning its unconventionals push into the Permian. At the same time, Occidental will complement its conventional program of water and CO2 floods, called its Permian EOR market, alongside its unconventional activities. Their management sees this as a way to "maximize field resource potential." They look at their diverse Permian acreage as a strategic advantage and their holistic, more conservative approach as part of the execution strategy.

Top Texas Oil Producer Occidental Petroleum In The Permian (Part 2: After The Call)

Occidental Petroleum (OXY), the largest Texas oil producer, is beginning its unconventionals push into the Permian. At the same time, Occidental will complement its conventional program of water and CO2 floods, called its Permian EOR market, alongside its unconventional activities. Their management sees this as a way to "maximize field resource potential." They look at their diverse Permian acreage as a strategic advantage and their holistic, more conservative approach as part of the execution strategy.

Oil & Gas Boom 2014: A Great Time To Be A Texan

Thanks to the rapidly increasing production from the Eagle Ford Shale and the Permian Basin, Texas reached another milestone in September, 2013:  As a separate nation, Texas would now rank as the 9 largest oil producing country in the world.

As Reported here by Dr. Mark Perry, according to the International Energy  Agency (IEA), in the year preceding last September, Texas oil production surpassed that of oil-producing giants like Brazil, Venezuela, Nigeria, Mexico and Kuwait to move into the hypothetical Top Ten oil producing nations on earth.

South Texas Oil Boom Turns Water Into Gold

SAN ANTONIO — In the heart of South Texas, where the muted grayish green of live oak and the slender leaves of the thorny mesquite dominate a landscape burdened by drought, hydraulic fracturing used more than 14 billion gallons of water last year.

The number far outpaces estimates of what water use in the Eagle Ford Shale might have peaked at some time in the next decade and represents one more way in which the meteoric development of the oil field has blown past expectations.

A widely cited study from the University of Texas at Austin, funded by the oil and gas industry, had predicted that hydraulic fracturing in the Eagle Ford would use a maximum of around 35,000 acre-feet of water annually.

West Texas Oil Flood

At around 6 o'clock on the morning of May 28, 1923, an oil well named after the patron saint of the impossible blew. The well sprayed oil over the top of the derrick and covered a 250-yard area around the site.

On that morning, the oil boom in West Texas was born. The name of the well was Santa Rita No. 1.

For the next 50 years, oil from West Texas flooded the world. Wildcatters, ranchers, and residents of sleepy cowtowns became instant millionaires as they struck one gusher after another..

Eagle Ford's Oil Boom Turns Water Into Gold

SAN ANTONIO — In the heart of South Texas, where the muted grayish green of live oak and the slender leaves of the thorny mesquite dominate a landscape burdened by drought, hydraulic fracturing used more than 14 billion gallons of water last year.

The number far outpaces estimates of what water use in the Eagle Ford Shale might have peaked at some time in the next decade, and represents one more way in which the meteoric development of the oil field has blown past expectations.

A widely cited University of Texas at Austin study, funded by the oil and gas industry, had predicted hydraulic fracturing in the Eagle Ford would use a maximum of around 35,000 acre-feet of water annually.

North American Shale To Exceed Most OPEC Nations’ Output

Oil production from North American shale fields will outpace every member of OPEC except Saudi Arabiawithin two years, according to Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM), the world’s biggest energy company by market value.

Globally, crude output from shale and similar rock formations that require intensive drilling techniques will increase 11-fold by the end of 2040, led by explorers in the U.S., Canada and Russia, Exxon said today in its annual long-term forecast for global energy.

Burgeoning U.S. production in shale hotspots such as North Dakota and Texas will soon overwhelm the capacity of domestic refineries and prompt the federal government to reconsider its restrictions on crude exports, said Kenneth Cohen, the vice president who oversees Exxon’s lobbying efforts.

Fracking Boom Pushes US Oil Output To 25-Year High

U.S. crude production rose to the highest level in a quarter-century as a shale drilling boomin states such as Texasand North Dakota cut the need for foreign oil and pushed the country closer to energy independence.

The U.S. pumped 8.075 million barrels a day in the week ended Dec. 6, a gain of 0.8 percent, or 64,000 barrels a day, the Energy Information Administration said today. It’s the most since October 1988.

“You can’t swing a cat without hitting a barrel of oil in North America,” said Stephen Schork, president of the Schork Group Inc.

The Shale Energy Boom Continues

The Saudi princes are nervous; 92 percent of Saudi Arabia’s annual budget depends on oil sales. The fear is that the energy boom in the U.S. and elsewhere, driven by improved seismic technology, horizontal drilling, and fracking techniques, will diminish sales and OPEC’s dominance of global oil prices.

Horizontal drilling involves boring a well vertically from a surface point to a subsurface reservoir location and then deviating the wellbore in a horizontal or near-horizontal direction through the oil or gas deposit.